sourcery: jaggery + turmeric

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Unrefined Cane Sugar

5.2oz / 150g

Jaggery is rich in molasses with a deep well-rounded sweetness and complexity. Our jaggery is handmade in small batches using freshly squeezed sugarcane juice. The sugarcane juice is boiled down over 8 hours to reduce it to a molasses rich powder that has all the vitamins and minerals from sugarcane.

Jaggery is the best substitute for refined sugars. Swap out sugar for Jaggery in your daily coffee/tea, sprinkle it on oatmeal, use it in baking – in anything you want to sweeten.

Unrefined | Single origin | Pesticide-free | Sustainably grow



2oz 55g

Potent and earthy with orange-y notes. Grown from an heirloom varietal in Andhra Pradesh, our turmeric has been freshly harvested and milled this year to bring you the most potent spice. Turmeric is considered sacred and used widely across India in various rituals to signify purity, fertility and good health.

Single origin | Pesticide-free | Sustainably grown