For Bitter For Worse Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Mixers: The Saskatoon, Eve's Spritz, Smokey #

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The Saskatoon is food-loving and savory, an invitation to linger over a hearty meal. It’s red wine’s mysterious, wiser friend. WE TASTE: Tart berry, Black pepper, Douglas fir tannins, Fellowship Serve: lightly chilled in a red wine glass with dinner or tapas/charcuterie, or on the rocks negroni-style with an orange peel and a bit of sweetener. 750 ml (6 servings).


Eva’s spritz is our convivial sparkler, an effervescent aperitif suited for the picnic table or during a toast. It’s like drinking delighted laughter, tinged with the knowledge that the moment is fleeting. WE TASTE: Tart rhubarb, Citrus, Sunshine on bare shoulders 13 botanicals. Less sweet than a typical spritz. Serve in a goblet over ice with an orange wheel for a perfect aperitif, for brunch, or very chilled in a flute as the N/A option during a champagne toast. 750 ml (6 servings).




Smoky No.56 is our soulful, potent sipper, suited to the fireside table. This drink might remind you of the friend who tells you like it is—and then gives you the biggest, most accepting hug—the friend you’ll stay up late with, murmuring your deepest yearnings.